cut by wolfgang puck, town

utterly fantastic and wholly incomparable bliss-out desserts at this famed steakhouse in marina bay sands. I have unashamedly fallen in deep mire with this place – it’s now my go-to for indulging in sweets, and I’m afraid that it might just become an uncontrollable habit.

I’ve wanted to come here for a long time – and while I’m bursting with adjectives, let me objectively say that the souffle was high, fluffy, barely deflated even after standing, and when eaten with the chocolate ice cream and creme fraiche on top – was a revelation in deep dark chocolate and that gorgeous play of hot and cold. truly, this ranks as one of the best mouthfuls I’ve ever had.

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potato head beach club, bali

generally good food – and better atmosphere – at this sprawl of a beach club in the seminyak area of bali. I’m not one for drinking – almost a complete teetotaler – but I do like a nice place to lounge about and have a bite, and this place fits the bill. the food came in rather large portions – certainly larger than you’d expect at places like this, which casts aspersions on options in singapore – and though our orders spanned the spectrum of terrible to really good, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting this place at least once if you’re in the area. the prices were fair, the menu sufficiently extensive, and service very friendly. an accessible and enjoyable sort of chilled-luxe.

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aoki restaurant, town

really awesome mazechirashi, and alright sushi at a small restaurant to the back of shaw house. I’ve now had lunches at the two  famed value-for-money-but-really-expensive-otherwise japanese powerhouses, tatsuya and aoki, and while the quality of the food is definitely really high at both establishments, I came away pretty underwhelmed. I’m not saying this is a fair judgement by any means – they and their techniques might probably shine at dinner or with fancier (read: more expensive) courses, but there is something to be said about getting something great for a reasonable amount of money, and I’m not completely sure these places do it for me.

before I quibble, the quality of the ingredients were pretty high, the flavours were clean and bright – I suppose I expected to be blown away, but that didn’t really happen. that mazechirashi is worth returning for though.

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pamplemousse bistro + bar, town

pretty good food and a value-for-money set lunch in a secluded part of dempsey. a girlfriend and I decided to come here for lunch one day – and they have a pretty cool fusionish menu, which I think would be a tad overpriced if going à la carte, but perfecty delightful at lunch-set-price, which is also offered on weekends (a nice gesture not often seen in restaurants). the food was generally surprisingly good and better than average, even if it wasn’t remarkably outstanding. and perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that I see myself coming back here again.

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40 hands, tiong bahru

not-so-great over-hyped hipster brunch-type place in tiong bahru. I’m late to this place – which many bloggers have already hyped about – on purpose, primarily because I don’t care for queues and hype, and only came to this place while visiting some friends. it’s not crazy expensive in itself, and the food wasn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t cheap enough to return on that account – nor is the food great enough to return for (though apparently the coffee was pretty good).

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great little hideout and girlfriend-lunch place for brunch near chinatown. ps cafe remains close to my heart for one reason: their sticky toffee pudding. the location of their outlets are also fortuitously convenient – which means town, for me – and while the prices off their menu are always a tad more than you’d like to pay, it does mean coming here feels particularly like a treat – which is also good for the waisteline for I’d eat my weight in toffee and cake otherwise.

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au chocolat, town (take 2)

decent-okay food, and even better desserts. I promised you more photos – and here I deliver. just look at that last photo of the innards of a lemon-meringue tart: how gorgeous is that! it is so gratifying (as both a foodie and a budding photographer) to be in a place that allows for great photography and tasty enough food – and au chocolat definitely fulfills both criteria. before you slobber all over your screens, let’s get onto the food, shall we?

I told you on my last post that the desserts here were pretty good, and this visit didn’t disappoint. I must say qualitatively though that this place pushes out sweet foods of consistently higher standards than its savouries, which fall quickly into the recesses of your probably-won’t-get-it-again list.

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au chocolat, town (take 1)

pretty good dessert at the marina bay sands. this is going to be a short one as I have a longer post about this place coming up – but I thought to share these photos with you first just in case you were hankering for some sweets this coming weekend. (yay weekend!)

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artichoke café + bar, bugis

really good, but also rather expensive moorish more-ish food near bugis. I’ve wanted to come here since a few years ago, but for reasons I cannot remember now, I arrived with a girlfriend and sat down, only to decide to leave without having tried anything. it’s a quaint, kitschy sort of place, hidden away from what is a pretty old estate – but then that profile suits most hipster joints in singapore these days. I really like this place though, and am really looking forward to the next visit – but the high price point means that it’s in competition with many many places at dinner time, which also means that next visit is probably long-coming.

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