boteyju san, star vista

one-up-from-fast-food japanese at the star vista. this place sits price-wise and feel-wise somewhat with ichiban boshi, with sub-twenty prices and a space that feels better than a food court (but perhaps only slight better).

it’s a decent place for a quick lunch, which is really why we were here – my dad likes the fried rice for a simple meal if he’s in the area.

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ramen express seafood, bangkok

okay-ish thai food near central world in bangkok – good in a pinch but many better options exist. this was the first place we ate at in bangkok – and it wasn’t a great introduction to the city, but it was 9pm, we had touched down just two hours ago, and everything else was closed.

this place stood out with its bright lights and rather convenient location opposite the hotel; the food was alright, really – but it tells you alot when everyone else in the store was clearly not bangkokiann: the prices are inflated, the food a bit too oily and salty. I think its biggest merit is staying open long past its neighbors.

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