toasty coconutty granola

just to preface this post: cereal is a guilty pleasure of mine. I get weak at the knees when restaurants offer granola or any toasted-grain-with-nuts-and-fruit equivalent, I can get through a box of cereal in an entire day (I miss those days of cheap and abounding cereal in london) and there is nothing I like better than a bowl of thick oatmeal with peanut butter and some dried fruit – despite all my eating, that’s the dish for me.

but cereal is incredibly expensive in singapore, and I don’t mean those frosted-honeyed-coloured-coated-flakes-for-kids that come with a toy in a box – I’m talking about proper cereal: good granola with fruit, swiss-style muesli and hot cereal mixes. I’ve found that the most economical way to still get my fill is to load up on oatmeal (see above), but sometimes I just want to do something special, which brings me to this recipe. I chanced upon this one while looking for something that was easy on the oil – you’d be surprised at the sheer amount included in many recipes out there – and that would be easily adaptable to what I had at home.

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