grilled cheese

it’s a lazy sunday! perfect time for a grilled cheese – especially since many of you guys must be feeling the cold weather. even hot-hot-hot singapore is going through a bit of a cold, wet spot.

grilled cheeses are really the result of technique rather than any exact ingredient choices; here, we took spinach and sauteed it with garlic and soy sauce, piled high our cheddar-mozzarella grated mix, and laid on strips of black pepper ham over our seeded rye bread.

if you’re making one, make sure you press the water out from your cooked greens, pile the cheese high (there’s no such thing as too much – anything that doesn’t stay in the sandwich forms a crispy tuile), and spread lots of butter on the two sides of the sandwich that meet the pan. you want to fry the bread – there’s no dieting here.

have a great rest-of-the-weekend!