dinner by heston, london


decent british. I have to say, I came to dinner on the heels of a meal at petrus, which I loved very much for its service and food. long story short, I would come to dinner for a meal where you want to show-off, but petrus if you want a good time.

I will go into the dishes bit by bit, but what I felt was that if gordon ramsay runs the wallflowers of the fine dining scene, then heston is the gaudy debutante with the wet skirts. these descriptions are a result of my immersion into regency-themed books, which I love, and which I apologise for.

I felt throughout the meal that I was meant to be impressed and that it was all a bit of a show. I have to say, it would probably work very well for people who don’t often eat out, and want a bit of drama with the glamour, and wanted to be fawned over and constantly impressed with the uniqueness of their meals. dinner really is like one of those churches you visit while you’re overseas and need to say you’ve been, but when you go home you barely remember anything about it.

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