, orchard paragon

it’s my birthday today! so while I can’t show you (yet) what I’ll be eating later today to celebrate – let’s talk cake! I’ve done this place a couple times, and usually only for cake and dessert – brunch is expensive here (as are the cakes, actually) – especially since they do a mean steamed pudding.

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chihuly lounge, ritz carlton singapore

le massive sigh. chihuly was supposed to be the stuff of high tea dreams, what with the amazing superbrunch done here every year, and come on – it’s the ritz right? the damn ritz. the very name evokes connotations of luxury and all sorts of poshness, beautiful furnishings, great food and even better service.

and well, they got all but those last two right.

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mr jones orphanage cafe, bangkok

absolutely a sweet-tooth’s dream and a dentist’s money-maker of a cafe in the siam paragon mall in bangkok – this is a long photo post, so bear with me. but the spread was amazing – I can’t even imagine how many types of cakes and sweets and confectionary were on offer.

it’s very clearly a female-targeted place, and of the young, squealing, one-directioner variety: it’s got cutesy furniture, tiny booths that grown man look squashed in, and of course the sweet-dominated menu reflects it best. but I’ve got to be straight – I recommend this more for the sheer experience than any gastronomic interest; the chocolate cake we did have was rather pedestrian.

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ecailler cellerier, lyon

ecailler (1)ecailler (2)ecailler (3)ecailler (4)ecailler (5)ecailler (6)ecailler (7)ecailler (8)ecailler (9)ecailler (10)

fresh seafood and wine bar in downtown lyon. I had very excitedly arrived at the halles de lyon after reading some recommendations online, but we found most of the shops closed, and the market a sort of ghost town. there were a few grocers and butchers open, as well as a couple of bakeries and chocolate shops, but most of the restaurants were closed. we thought it might have been the awkward time we arrived (at about 2pm), but when we went back at 7.30pm to retrieve the hat I had left there, most weren’t open either.

anyway, we missed the bustling atmosphere that we thought it would have, and my partner got mesmerised by the cold seafood laid out on the ice counter at this seafood bar. there were only about three other people at the bar having a bit of wine, and we thought we could get some seafood grilled/fried to order, but were informed the cook was away, and so we settled for the cold seafood.

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