da shi xi, kallang

supposedly famed cze char restaurant, with its very own celebrity chef, but with rather just-passable food in sims way. I went expecting a corner-of-the-coffeeshop type of cze char store, but it was instead an open-air casual family-style eatery with a small number of tables.

there must be something compelling about this place for some people – perhaps the chef (since I can’t see that it would necessarily be the food) – for they were entertaining a large group of important guests (not to me, but certainly to the restaurant) that rendered the necessity of bringing the dude out the kitchen. I wasn’t likewise impressed though – I could give them the benefit of the doubt: that they had put in so much effort on that table there was none left – but that’s pretty egregious in itself.

safer, and perhaps more tactful, to speculate that the cooking here is pretty average-going – and based on this meal, certainly not good enough to venture a revisit.

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a dollop of nutella in the morning oatmeal

makes the daily grind a little smoother. in all defence – this is only a terribly (in both senses of the word) occasional treat in my otherwise whole-grain routine, and that large jar of nutella sitting in the kitchen is reaching expiration.

not that I should have to justify nutella intake though, eh?

the home grill

some photos from a recent home dinner – mum’s a great cook, and while I wish I had the opportunity to cook more now that I’m home, it’s difficult to put up a convincing argument (even to myself) when the food’s so good.

this is another post dedicated to our multitasking george foreman grill, and it does an amazing job with crayfish, squid, sausages and pork; and we had loads of leafy greens and mash to go with. it’s a rainy sunday here in singapore – a crazy-heavy curtain of grey outside – and so a nice one for being indoors. see you guys tomorrow!

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grilled dinner

this is such a strange amalgamation of photos – sometimes zooming in too much on food sort of renders it into this unrecognizable (and almost unappetizing mass). but I thought I’d show you another one of our family dinners, a grilled one this time.

we have had a george foreman indoor grill for quite a few years now, back when it was still being advertised on those terrible infommercials with bad acting. we didn’t buy it then, but did when we saw it being used (also almost definitely with terribly acting, but at least you could smell the food) during a demonstration at a food hall somewhere in singapore.

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peng restaurant catering services, hougang

good chinese food in hougang. my parents drove here on a sunday night for dinner, and I didn’t know what to expect since it was relatively deep in – and seemed largely to be a housing estate. didn’t have to worry though, it was good comforting teochew – one of many chinese clans in singapore – food, and reasonably-priced to boot.

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