latteria mozzerella bar, duxton hill

yes, the tiramisu is as good as it looks.

perfect-for-a-date, perfect for your friday night (and hey! valentine’s day is just about peeking round the corner) italian restaurant in the hip enclave that is the top of duxton hill. I like the buzz of the place, I liked the food, and it’s just the right mix of date-conducive and comfy that spells relaxation after a long day.

it was good from start to finish (which is more uncommon than you’d think), and if you’re gearing up for next week’s chinese new year celebrations – it’s a good place to get your non-chinese fix.

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sprigs, purvis street

very, very good food at this small, modern restaurant in bugis – very earnest, and it succeeds both in service and space and food. it’s still relatively uncrowded, which is surprising for its quality, but unsurprising for its relative tucked-awayness. add the fact that prices are more than reasonable – especially with a set offered at dinner time – really, I’m not sure I could like it more.

it’s a little like that comforting corner diner we all want – except that it’s quite a bit away from my actual ‘hood.

and, I’m back!

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the fat cat bistro, holland village (take 2)

a couple shots from the fat cat in holland village, a surprisingly multi-talented casual restaurant serving three menus: thai, indian, and western/ italian. my favorite remains the indian – it’s solid, hearty cooking – but we order across the cuisines whenever we come.

full review here. it’s a good one to keep in mind if you’re feeling undecidable – and great for crowds, seeing as
there really ought to be something for someone here (if they can’t find something even here, rethink the relationship).

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the fat cat bistro, holland village

still very good food at this cafe-restaurant that relocated to the genial confines of holland village. it used to be a little closer to me, though definitely more inconvenient in its previous hideaway in serangoon – but it’s great that standards haven’t dropped, portions haven’t shrunk, and all that terrible jazz you associate with any drastic change in an eatery.

it’s almost a food court, with three distinct stalls operating within a single compound – just quite a lot classier. in its new location, it’s also spacious and rather cozily furnished, and a good choice for those large gatherings of friends where you’re looking for a not-shabby place that won’t break anyone’s budget.

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etna italian restaurant, chinatown

fantastic italian execution (not the head sort) at this packed restaurant in chinatown. reservations much required – tables run out quickly, and the place is well popular even on weekdays. it’s been lauded as a great place to grab some italian and lives up to that reputation (living up to reputation seems to be a problem these days), with good service and reasonably prices.

it spans that rather comfortable spectrum of cosy enough for date night but bright enough for family night, and the good food helps conversations flow.

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mad for garlic, suntec city

ok, you guys – we were surprised at this place. first, it’s a small italianesque menu in a restaurant first founded in korea. say what? and second, excessive use of that allium creates rather potent dragon’s breath – which isn’t the best thing for starting a night off.

so we entered with much trepidation and low expectations – all completely eradicated when the food started arriving. the food is remarkably tasty, the portions generous, and service staff friendly and enthusiastic (which made up for any hiccup).

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bruno’s pizzeria and grill, katong

very good italian family-style trattoria in the food wonder that is katong. we’ve gotten in the habit of prowling katong hunting for new restaurants to try post-dinner, which is how we happened upon bruno’s – and it was a good thing we did.

the food is great – good ingredients, large portions, strong flavors – and the atmosphere of the place is as lovely as you’d want: there’s a certain coziness that comes with the patronage of clearly-regular customers who banter with wait staff and rambunctious children that properly create that rather indescribable something that makes an italian establishment.

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l’atelier tiramisu, clarke quay

beautiful slices of classic-and-more tiramisu done right at this small store at the basement of the central at clarke quay. don’t be fooled by the dainty entremet-like appearance of the slice – it’s a hefty portion of mascarpone layered with properly-soaked lady finger biscuits, and very delicious (almost surprisingly so).

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da laura, chinatown

just-ok italian food at this new-ish restaurant near the hip-and-happenin’ duxton road area. I really wanted to like this place – it’s meant to be rustic italian, it’s a small restaurant in a converted old shophouse, and it had just the right sort of intimate buzz going about it. but the food was disappointing – and while I would like to chalk it up to teething problems, it doesn’t make for much recommendation.

and it doesn’t have much of a dessert menu, which was terribly disappointing.

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la pizzaiola, serangoon

great pizza at below-market prices in this hidden neighborhood in serangoon – incidentally, a good precursor to a couple of waffles at wimbly lu. thin-crusted pizzas with a good amount of toppings – but not so thin you can’t taste the dough – especially good because they know how to let it get to a decent char.

and there’s a decent chocolate cake here – but more on that later.

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