marugoto shokudo, ang mo kio

so there is great mid-range japanese, acceptably-decent mid-range (in the form of the previous post), and bad mid-range (that come with inexplicably high prices) – the latter of which is what I’m concerned with today.

the camera is a kind godmother to this purveyor of a bad experience – so take the photos as a chance to view but never experience this place – and perhaps it suffices to say that we did not enjoy this meal, and won’t be coming back.

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watami japanese restaurant, bishan

this casual japanese eatery falls rather in the lower bound of mid-range japanese restaurants in singapre – the higher spaces filled by the likes of ichiban boshi and sushi tei – both in terms of marketing and food quality.

the food is decent enough for hump day (and any of those tough-going weekday nights), the menu extensive enough for repeat visits, and the price low enough to encourage the latter. think of this almost as a japanese cha chan teng – casual, family-friendly, but certainly not the sort of restaurant you bide time in.

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