jigger & pony, amoy street

noisy, boisterous, darker-than-the-photo-appears hip cocktail bar in amoy street. depending on your age (mental or biological), you’ll either love this place or hate it.

I used to love it – I came here when cocktail bars were still a fresh and new thing, and it was one of the first few places I visited when I started to appreciate drinks (so to speak, given that my taste still runs to the scoffed-at sweet side) – and it introduced me to the spumoni, a grapefruit-based cocktail that was imminently drinkable. it was loud-buzzy, which is to say that you could still lean over for conversation, and there was opportunity to speak to the person actually making your drinks.

flash three years or so ahead to my latest visit about a month ago – and boy, are things different. I admit to feeling quite a bit older, to preferring a more loungey, relaxing place I can indulge in a glass of muscato – but the noise level is exponentially magnified, the place is filled with younger (I say younger, but I’m really still in my mid-twenties) ladies dressed rather minimally (by which I mean amount of cloth rather than aesthetic style), and it’s almost impossible to get service.

in its defense, it’s still buzzy (though in an almost clubby, out to have a GREAT time sort of way), and the place is nice if you’re out for a loud night out. but if you don’t want to shout over to your friends (and still not be able to make yourself heard), and you’re into something a little less manic, I’d choose somewhere else.

p.s. I already know I’m grumpy.

Jigger & Pony
101 Amoy Street
Singapore 069921
tel +65 6223 9101
$$: 20-40 per person