maccha house, somerset

meh dessert at the basement of orchard central – okay in a pinch, but tsujiri‘s much better. we’re in the midst of a massive rain-plus-heat wave in singapore, with gushing gales of wind dancing rain across the island – but not really bringing much respite from the heat – so ice cream indoors is a pretty good thing.

but maybe not here exactly, unless you have an abject and consuming japanese dessert craving while in the area. although to be fair, their vanilla oft serve isn’t too bad.

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tsujiri tea house, tanjong pagar

my favourite japanese dessert place at the moment – located in this nondescript open cafe in the new 100am mall. it’s been quite a week, and I can’t wait for it to be over – a matcha soft-serve at the moment sounds like it could be the cure to all this fatigue.

this is the first singaporean outpost of a fifteen-decades-old kyotoian dessert store, and it reminds me of all the tea-time (and post-breakfast and pre-lunch and post-lunch and you-get-what-I-mean) sit-downs I had in japan composed of all this green-tea loveliness.

p.s. that’s my dad’s attempt at teenage enthusiasm in the background.

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