one-bowl no-microwave orange-lime curd

this curd, well. I had so wanted this to be a post on how you could successfully make a lip-puckering, citrus-loving curd in the microwave – no fire in this blistering heat – but no. it still turned out utterly delicious, beautifully set and the best celebration of citrus juice I can imagine, but that was after a bit of quick salvation and rapid whisking  – so, yes, still a success if not the convenient method I had hoped.

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lime plant

thought I’d share with you some photos of our incredible lime plant. it’s a tiny bush in a small pot, but it’s been giving us great harvests – we get large bowl-fuls of lime every couple weeks, and fat juicy ones at that. I don’t know what species it falls into, but it is a common enough variant in singapore – you get halves of these at hawker centres if you order barbecued seafood or lime juice.