a bit of hope

sometimes, we need to be reminded that we’re all the same. we all want to love, be loved, have friends, lead happy lives and eat good food – and I’d like to say hello to you and your families (and you ought to say hello back, really). it’s been a trying week on the world – and for those of us lucky enough to be mere spectators, it’s a good time to give thanks and be appreciative. for all of you out there – please know all our thoughts are with you.

these photos were taken at the interactive art installation, pop-up noise, outside raffles city nearly a month ago – a purely coincidental happenstance that I was in the area, though now seemingly fortuitous. I know it’s late-breaking long-after-its-fin news – but these guys seem to do regular events, so perhaps you might like to have a look if you’re in singapore.