alkaff mansion, telok blangah

average-ly italiano at this quite gorgeous venue hidden up in telok blangah. it’s a surprising location, until you realize it’s situated in a quite beautiful park with great views over our tiny city.

the food itself is pretty average-to-decent. I can’t say that I would necessarily return, but it makes for a decent meal if you want to give it a go.

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ikyu, tiong bahru

quite pricey, but also rather homely japanese dining in hipster tiong bahru – those two characteristics seem incongrous, but the restaurant manages to feel both a little exclusive and quite familial.

as with most upscale japanese restaurants, the lunch set makes for the most value – and unlike most upscale japanese restaurants, this place extends that offer even on the weekends. how good is that?

and because I was there for lunch – admittedly much less expensive than their regular à la carte menu – I’m not sure it’s entirely fair to say that the food is pretty much just about okay. it’s not particularly overwhelming or special, but the atmosphere makes it a good place for a meal to catch up with friends.

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bistrot petit salut, holland village

meh lunch sets at this cheaper outpost of the lauded petit salut brand in holland village. I know that lunch sets are sometimes deemed to not be accurate representations of restaurants since they cater to the value-for-money-hour-lunch crowd, but good cooking must be just that, regardless of price. this place is supposed to have decent food – and though it wasn’t bad, I doubt I’ll return.

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kissho japanese restaurant, ho chi minh

located at 14 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, District 1, HCMC.

alright japanese food in downtown ho chi minh. we chanced upon this place while wandering about, and were attracted by the multitude of banners hung outside. the food was slightly better than passable, and not too expensive, though we might pass on this next time (especially in light of so much other good food in the city) – unless we had a strong craving for japanese.

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