tart blanc, millenia walk

just a quick head’s up this morning that this tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe at millenia walk does a decent set lunch – you get a permutation of one main course with soup and/or drink and dessert for very good prices (getting all four hits you barely twenty) – very good value in an otherwise rather pricey bit of town.

I suspect the cafe’s name comes from its very white walls and the rows of tarts in their counter – it’s quite a small (seats maybe 8), clinical space juxtaposed with cheerfully colorful tarts and cakes. I didn’t know what to expect of its savories – but my sandwich of mushroom and beef was surprisingly filling, with wholemeal bread holding in a rather generous mass of cheese and shroom and meat (I took half of it away).

there’s also a tiny dressed salad on the side, which was a nice touch, and my ice-cold earl grey capped it off nicely. it’s a homely little space, and good for sitting down with a book for lunch (or a friend, if you must).

I’ll be back to try the sweet stuff.

tart blanc
#01-102 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
tel +65 6238 6893
$$: 10-20 per person, depending on how greedy your order is

chopsuey cafe, martin road

fantastic, fantastic space, and really good food – chopsuey at martin road is a jewel in the p.s. cafe’s trove of consistent-though-expensive restaurants, and is one of my new favorite restaurants.

the place revolves around a menu that supposedly dishes up the american take on chinese food – and I say supposedly, because while that class of cuisine comes with gloppy sauces, overcooked meats, and rather tastes overwhelmingly of orange and sesame (I admit though, that panda express can be pretty good in the right situation), chopsuey instead serves a refined version without all those rather overwhelming characteristics.

the food is well-executed (chopsuey is like the asian take on the american take on asian, and we are asian, after all), the portions are surprisingly big, and the space lends itself to more than a little bantering with friends. very, very, very well-done.

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artistry cafe, bugis

great tiny little cafe just on the edge of the trendy haji lane vicinity – guys, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to come here. out of the slew of cafes that popped up in the initial mushrooming (now it’s like a never-ending landslide of such spaces), this one caught my eye with all the positive reviews.

but I had to wait until the hype ended (and then some) before I managed to swing by, and it, well, is decent. the food is decent, the portions are decent, and there’s a chocolate peanut butter cake. definitely visit-able.

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grub, bishan

I’m adding this to my list of unimpressive brunch places – and this one is rather akin to the experience I had at the fabulous baker boys. both are located in rather beautiful buildings in a park-type environment, both have the same brunch hype going for it, and both didn’t quite live up to potential.

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golden peony, city hall

I want to write a scathing post about this place, just based on how unhappy I was at the end of this meal – but I can’t bring myself to verbose hostility this morning, and so you have to imagine how bad it was. suffice to say that I was disappointed, not just because this was supposed to be an institution, a stalwart of fine chinese dining in singapore – and what we got, at incredibly high prices and pretty lacking service, was dimsum not even at the standards of the midrange chinese restaurants like yumcha.

this may have been one occasion, the first after many years of good food followed by a long gap of nearly five years, but it was enough to discourage from further visits – and almost definitely not for dimsum.

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bosses restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

decent chinese food at this slightly-ova’-da-top chinese restaurant in vivocity. it’s not new (witness the old post here) but it remains popular for its dimsum and flowing custard buns.

I try not to do too many second takes, but it is worth letting you know that they also have yam and sesame flowing buns – the yam was a slightly-sweet, beautifully pastel purple flow of smooth yam paste out a equally lovely pale-lavender bun; the sesame was less flowy (but it did sit very long, neglected amidst the torrent of dishes that arrived), but I loved the flavor. black sesame has this addictive, nutty profile that just hits every button on this console.

I’m less impressed with the more popular salted yolk custard buns – I know some of you guys out there are fans – but to my estimation, the paradise group or crystal jade ones seem to taste better (but to each your own!).

the rest of the food is pretty decent lunch eating – but don’t forget their house specialty beancurd! it’s fried blocks of spinach-bottomed eggy tofu strewn with a savoury mushroom sauce atop blanched greens. delicious.

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tung lok seafood, somerset

decent-for-the-price à la carte buffet atop orchard central. this is pretty alright chinese food dished up as much as you like, whenever you like – and at this meal we went through the entire menu at least once.

nothing really stood out enough for me to recall it to you – but we did have perhaps six or seven servings of the salmon sashimi, which was seafood-fresh and tender – and perhaps the best part of the meal.

the chinese food I would liken to better-than-catering, served hot and quickly (admirable considering the crowds they were serving), and good for crowds (and plenty cheap for a gluttonous sunday lunch).

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sushi kuu, orchard

fantastic fine-dining japanese at this quiet corner in the oh-so-posh palais renaissance.

but first, sorry about the quiet! it’s been a couple nights of post-work preparation for my final driving theory test – and I’m pleased (and you probably worried) to be one step closer to being an adult, license and all.

it makes me feel celebratory – and I wish I could have capped it off with dinner at this exquisite little japanese place.

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skyve wine bistro, newton

best pancakes I’ve had in singapore – and I’ve had many – and otherwise decent brunch food at this hard-to-find cafe near newton circus. that first part of the sentence needs to be put into context: I’m still waiting for the likes of IHOP to open in singapore, and have since given up on having proper flapjacks – but these ones are pretty darn good, though a rather fancy ricotta version.

I take brunch very seriously – you should, too – and this place does it well. a large open space with lots of sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows, just the right hum from boisterous kids and brunching ladies – reasonably priced and portioned – if only it were a little more public-transport friendly.

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