lower east side taqueria, katong

if you’re already planning your friday-night or weekend spot for food, then bravo. the public holiday yesterday rendered this week rather short, and there’s no better time than hump day to start daydreaming about the soon-to-come weekend.

this is a good place to come to, with the bright colors, a well-stocked bar, chirpy service (if you get the nice caucasian lady), and flavors that are fresh and crisp.

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cha cha cha mexican restaurant, holland village

agreeable tex-mexican at this open-air restaurant in holland village. I don’t have much experience with south american or mexican food – and tex-mex is probably the closest I’ve been (since this year).

it was a reticence set off by a traumatic carbplosion of an experience with my first ever burrito: beans and rice and guac and not much meat enveloped in a thick shroud of a tortilla – nothing I cared for a repeat of. so – I came with low expectations, and while I’m pretty darn sure the food here isn’t anything fantastic, it went down easily enough.

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