nutella cakelets

I never got the chance to share how to make these little cakelets – but here they are! the idea is simple, really: get your favourite sponge recipe, and add a dollop of nutella to each muffin cup just before baking.

and if you need clarification (as a friend did), cakelets are sub-cakes, like wavelets < waves. sometimes, you’ve got to embrace your geeky friends.

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butter cake-muffins

cute little butter muffins using my favourite ikea DRÖMMAR pan – very tasty and fluffy ones too. I really like baking in muffin tins, and these ones have high straight sides which encourage good rising and brown sides – especially welcome in my family (my parents fight over who gets the corner of cakes for maximum browned-cake-area). I’ve made goodness-only-knows-how many butter cakes now, and I’ve started to lose track of them all – but these ones are very good, fragrantly buttery and fluffy cakes.

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corn muffins, à la kenny rogers

I’m on a quest to recreate the beautiful sweet corn muffins that they serve at kenny rogers outlets. I used to eat them by the quadruples as a kid and it never occurred to me till recently that I might be able to churn them out at home.

just as background, kenny roger’s is an american restaurant that markets itself on its wood-fired rotisserie chicken. if you’re american though, it’s likely that you haven’t seen one around you, or even recognise the name since they ceased operations in the US a long time ago. kenny rogers now operates predominantly in asia, as in singapore, and is pretty well known for both its chicken and square (as opposed to typically round) corn muffins.

I think it might be blasphemy to call it cornbread in many parts of the USA, and many people feel an incredible passion for what constitutes proper cornbread. in an effort to not incite any hate, I am calling these corn muffins. essentially a honey-sweetened yellow cornmeal batter with nuggets of sweet corn, it bakes up with a great dark crust and a moist fluffy inside.

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