orange poppy seed muffins

I don’t have a recipe for you today – these muffins turned out a little denser than I’d hoped, largely due to the deeply-passionate-but-terribly-tumultuous relationship I have with my DRÖMMAR pan, which is both taller and deeper than conventional muffin tins (exactly the way I like ’em).

but poppy seeds, woo! those black specks make me something happy.

what are you up to this weekend?

orange muffins

I know I haven’t posted a recipe for ages – but it’s not because I haven’t been baking! I do at least one thing a week – but between feeding people and processing photos and then remembering to note down the recipe, posting about it slips my mind. but today I’d like you to welcome my newest muffin pan, and one very shiny tray. got to love bakeware!

these are orange muffins – though really, they are an orange butter cake recipe that baked up into craggly topped muffins, and somehow turned out with a denser texture that are more akin to muffins. nurture (in the form of a muffin pan) overcomes nature.

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