happy national day, singapore

you awe me year after year – and may you stay beautiful, strong and resilient.


I had the opportunity to attend the first preview parade for 2016 (an excellent initiative on our government’s part to ensure more people get to watch the show every year), our first at the national stadium in years. it was excellent, as always, but I do wish we could have retained the mobile column and the red lion segment.

the celebratory song is excellent this year too – catchy and upbeat, and it gets you going. happy national day, everyone!

and a (national) parade at night, 2013

just a few last shots from the parade – from when the sun set and our lights went on. I know some people thought the parade wasn’t as good this year, but the atmosphere was positively electric that night. it was like a massive rave!

and there were fireworks! I think blasting bright fire in the sky is the best thing ever – it’s poignant, and beautiful, and full of sentimality, and just plain awesome.

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of men and machine (and the parade), 2013

I cannot entirely express to you how excited I am about sharing these photos – but I am certainly going to try. a few days ago, I mentioned that we scored some tickets to the national day parade – these tickets are much sought after, and won through ballot – but on the actual day, we got crazy decent seats (even after arriving a tad late).

I did a whole whack-a-mole-type pop-out-of-my-seat routine ever so often during the parade just so I could take just about a million photos – and landed with some pretty cool ones. I hope you like them as much as I do!


and if I haven’t been explicit enough – I’m proud of our tiny country, our beautiful landscapes and sky-scapes, and our increasingly impressive national day parades. onward, singapore! may you grow stronger, smarter, and more beautiful.

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