new year’s eve preparation, 2012

these are a few shots from my terrible backlog – this time from singapore’s preparation for the new year’s eve party at the marina barrage. singapore is sort of growing up into a¬†hip city, eager to show off its vibrant nightlife and its very gorgeous new skyline along the river.

this year, they were encouraging citizens – and really just anyone – to write their best wishes for the new year on these large white balloons that would later be scattered about the river in a sort of modern installation. I thought these were very cool – and since my partner and I have a few wishes we’d like to get fulfilled in the new year, it was pretty fun to do this. our new hipster status will probably be reinstated by the insistence on recycling and biodegradability on that sign right on the top – a very neat thing in asia since recycling has yet to really catch on here.

(the presence of young and enthusiastic people who I assume will fit quite neatly into this phase of singapore’s nightlife development is probably rather manifested in their k-pop scribbling all over the sign).

hope you liked these as much as I do!