portobello market, london

just a couple of snapshots from the world-famous portobello market at notting hill. it was a rainy day, but the streets were bright with crockery and knick-knacks out laid out in proud recognition of british style and history.

incidentally I bought a sort of stylized russian hat there that day, which will serve as yet another indelible memory of good times in london.

the last photo here are of wooden rackets, and remind me of my first tennis lesson five years ago, when I brought along my father’s aged – and well-preserved – wooden racket. my coach was stunned into sputtering incoherence – I doubt he had seen one over the last decade, and not anyone who brought it in earnest to truly¬†use (in my defence, I didn’t know better).

good memories, these. if you’re ever in the area, by the by, dri dri gelato serves a mean cup of italian ice.