nutella cakelets

I never got the chance to share how to make these little cakelets – but here they are! the idea is simple, really: get your favourite sponge recipe, and add a dollop of nutella to each muffin cup just before baking.

and if you need clarification (as a friend did), cakelets are sub-cakes, like wavelets < waves. sometimes, you’ve got to embrace your geeky friends.

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(nutella!) swiss roll

I have a jar of expiring nutella – so be prepared for a deluge of yummy-chocolate-hazelnut-containing recipes! I’ve shared a swiss roll recipe with you guys before, and this one is a little better. less cracks, a finer-and-more-tightly-bound crumb – one step closer to the swiss roll recipe of my dreams.

and I promise, it’s not just better because it’s rolled up tightly with as much nutella as I could pack into it – I admit to a certain amount of sense-numbing induced by nutella consumption. everything else nievitably fades into the background.

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a dollop of nutella in the morning oatmeal

makes the daily grind a little smoother. in all defence – this is only a terribly (in both senses of the word) occasional treat in my otherwise whole-grain routine, and that large jar of nutella sitting in the kitchen is reaching expiration.

not that I should have to justify nutella intake though, eh?