yayoiken, tanjong pagar

cheap and quite okay japanese at the 100am mall in tanjong pagar. the first time I came here, we thought the food was impressive: large-ish portions, pleasantly-surprisingly-small prices and a huge menu composed of a clever permutation of a not-so-huge selection of dishes. this decent experience prompted an enthusiastic return, but it proved less sparkling: the food was too salty, the cooking of a lower standard – and the pater didn’t much like it.

which brings me, really, to a less-than-effervescent recommendation than I’d initially thought: this place will do you good for mid-week/office lunches – cheap japanese food with large portions and a big menu for everyone. but if you’re thinking of a sit-down meal with nothing on your mind but the food, it’s not ideal (or close to, in fact).

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