original lahore restaurant, london

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good pakistani food near edgeware road. we were brought to this restaurant by a pakistani friend for a group meet-up, so I think it might have some authenticity-cred. short story before a long exposition: I think tayyabs is better. if you don’t know about tayyabs, then read this first, and also make your way there (but wear clothes you want to laundry soon after as you’ll go home smelling of the food).

anyway, that doesn’t mean the food here wasn’t bad, because it was good. service here was very friendly as well – sitting us very quickly and being very prompt with the food – I actually think service here is better. the ambience is more restaurant-like and the ventilation much better. actually, scratch my earlier sentence. this place is better than tayyabs for everything but the food (which comes quite a close second). this place is better for talking with friends as well, and for having a more sort of restaurant experience.

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tayyabs, london


decent pakistani in whitechapel. tayyabs is questionably the most popular pakistani – or indian if you’re not being too particular – restaurant in london. after constant raves, have finally made my way there for some awesome tandoori bread as well as tandoori meats and curries. i didn’t necessarily find it more fantastic than my still-favourite masala zone chain, though the lamb was greatly praised and I don’t eat lamb, so that could be why.

but get the jug of mango lassi, so rich and delicious you don’t want to stop drinking. it’s a pretty dodgy neighbourhood though, and be prepared to leave with your clothes an unpleasant reminder of dinner.

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