imperial treasure super peking duck, orchard

one of my favorite restaurants, from possibly my favorite group of restaurants in singapore – I associate the imperial treasure line of restaurants (referring to the higher echelons here) with reliable, delicious, traditional cooking in sleek, modern environs and I haven’t been let down by a meal here before.

standards are consistent, even if there are occasional dashes of too-much- or too-little-salt, and service is usually quick and efficient. it’s the sort of place you’d bring your business associates or your in-laws – great for impressing and reasonably priced for it.

p.s. those gloved hands sure look professional, eh?

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imperial treasure super peking duck, town

amazing peking duck and chinese food in the paragon shopping centre. my parents have been raving about this place since I came back – and for a family of foodies that is high praise indeed. I’m not one for peking duck, since I usually only like the meat, and duck is often too fatty to hold any appeal for me. I have to say though, that when I finally had a meal here, I was fully and thoroughly convinced and impressed at the level of cooking here.

when you call up the restaurant to make reservations – which you should, because it is a relatively small place with few tables than the typical chinese establishment – they ask you if you would like to order a peking duck. I’ve heard that they serve a few hundred ducks a day here, and I suggest you say yes and get ready for a smackingly good meal.

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