the small pleasures (lead to big hips)

hello, how are you doing?

I’ve been a little absent this week because well, life caught up – but my weekend started a little early this week (in the best of ways), and I thought I’d share a little something-something: the best non-chocolate pudding I’ve had in singapore for a while now.

I’m going to be a tease and leave you with that for now, but it’s coming soon!

have a great weekend!

la nonna, holland village

decent-enough desserts at this well-known trattoria along lorong mambong. this is a quick one for today – it’s bright and sunny and I have a bit of baking up my sleeve! – but in case you’re out on your sunday errand-run and would like a spot for a sweet, this might do you well enough.

this place is known more for their well-reasonable set lunches – but that’s paltry. sweets! we came here for desserts-only after lunch at al hamra; and it did us well enough, even if it was nothing too special.

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jones the grocer, town

disappointing expensive dessert at this town outpost of the australian delicatessen newly opened on the top floor of the ion orchard mall. here’s another looks-pretty-but-doesn’t-deserve-to dessert that rather had a lot of potential but turned out rather dismal, though nowhere near the fiasco that was dean and deluca. I wish this place actually served good food – orchard really is lacking in nice places you can sit down for a break between shopping – but I think I’ll be sticking with the marmalade pantry for now.

I haven’t tried their savory items, so while I can’t give you a full low-down on the cafe, the desserts sure don’t provide any impetus to return.

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bistrot petit salut, holland village

meh lunch sets at this cheaper outpost of the lauded petit salut brand in holland village. I know that lunch sets are sometimes deemed to not be accurate representations of restaurants since they cater to the value-for-money-hour-lunch crowd, but good cooking must be just that, regardless of price. this place is supposed to have decent food – and though it wasn’t bad, I doubt I’ll return.

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vanilla yogurt pannacotta

pannacotta (1)pannacotta (2)pannacotta (3)pannacotta (4)pannacotta (5)pannacotta (6)pannacotta (7)pannacotta (8)pannacotta (9)pannacotta (10)pannacotta (11)pannacotta (12)pannacotta (13)pannacotta (14)pannacotta (15)pannacotta (16)

I’ve never realised how easy pannacotta is to make – especially when you have good quality vanilla paste. it becomes fragrant, and if you have a good recipe it helps you veer on the good line of not-rubbery so this turned out wobbly and smooth, although I think you might want a pannacotta made entirely out of cream if you want something as smooth as in the restaurants. here I wanted a balance between health and greed, and so using greek yogurt for part of the cream gave me something tangy and delicious but which didn’t make me feel nearly as guilty as a full-cream one would.

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baked french toast


I’m not sure to post this or not, as I don’t think it was necessarily the best bread pudding I’ve made now was it entirely to my taste – which I know realise means sufficiently sweet to stand on it’s own without custard. I can’t stop eating it though, so that might mean perhaps that I subconsciously love this, or I just have a sort of addiction to bread.

this is a two-layered best-of-both – that is wholemeal bread masquerading as white – bread pudding with skim milk, grand marnier and baileys, raisins and flaked almonds. my adaptation to smitten’s recipe is also probably the reason I don’t like it.

I made this with wholemeal bread and not brioche because I wanted it to be healthy as well as tasty, and skim milk because that was what I had. it’s still very good with baileys ice cream though, and the crusty bits at the side are the absolutely best.

try this with brioche and chocolate chips and I bet it’d be even awesomer.

update: very good after a rest in the fridge and cold. virtuous enough to snack on.