maison kayser, wheelock place

cute, and surprisingly filling tea break at this casual cafe outpost in wheelock – I’ve never really thought this place lived up quite to the furor it raised when it first appeared, but this teatime really surprised me: it was a good selection of their goods, a more-than-satisfactory range between sweet and savory, and it came pretty quickly – and then they left us alone. all good things. and aren’t those eclairs cute?

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rose bakery, paris

located at 40 rue de Debblyeme in the Marais district, Paris.

great little cafe hidden away from the chaos of paris. this is hidden in terms of location, but I suppose it really is a sort of open secret – we had to wait for nearly twenty minutes in order to get a table for four, and the tiny cafe was lined with tables and hipster-type parisians.

it was only after going to the bakery and doing a bit of research – as any self-assuming food blogger would do – that I found out that this place has incredible internet presence, turning up a torrent of blog posts – even from dorie greenspan and clothilde – and that it was open by a french-british couple who decided to emulate the british cafes so prevalent in london. I’ve already written much about my love for these establishments, and so it ought to come to no surprise that I rather liked this cafe. I do have to say though, that it’s very apparent that the environ and food are meant to be of the british-cafe-sort (as I see it in my mind), it is very clear that you are nowhere in the UK.

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