crystal jade jiang nan restaurant, harbourfront

really enjoyable chinese food at vivocity. I saw this place in the corner while shopping one day and it showed great promise – I dreadfully miss the variety of regional chinese cuisine you can get in london, where different restaurants fulfil different cravings. here in singapore, I find that most chinese establishments serve a variant of cantonese food – I am cantonese, and a huge proponent of the cuisine – which is tasty and all, but rather monotonous and single-faceted in flavor. this place serves cuisine supposedly found in the eponymous region south of the yangtze, but since I have little inkling of what constitutes staples in that region, I’ll just say that the flavors here are different and pretty unique.

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banana coconut cake

so I’ve finally managed to upload the photos in full-size as I’d like them – I’ll be updating the older posts so you get a better look at the food I’ve been eating (and baking).

this is another loaf-ish cake, and builds up on the standard banana cake recipe – also a nice change from having either coconut¬†or banana. there’s something very gratifying about quickbreads – you bake them up very quickly and they make your house smell great, and it doesn’t hurt that they taste very good too.

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