petrus, london

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the best meal I’ve had in london to date. fantastic european food in a ramsay powerhouse, and my favourite of the four (maze, claridges, royal hospital road) that I’ve visited.

I’m going to start this by saying that the ramsay restaurants are usually overlooked or looked down on for their prescription service and pour-soup-into-your-dish-at-table type of dramatics, and that it went through a super-hyped period and now seem to form the wallflowers of fine dining in london. I’ve been a supporter, because I’ve had great meals in them (except for claridges which I did not enjoy) and service is always friendly but never intrusive, unlike my experience at dinner by heston, which I’ll talk about in a bit.

petrus was closed for a bit and I believe reopened this year, and is in a quiet area of knightsbridge – a great place for lunch if you were shopping in knightsbridge. it is furnished both cosily and grandly, and is well-staffed. there were almost too many waiters around, but they left us well alone while we were speaking and were friendly and could chat comfortably, but would leave us well alone when we were talking. ramsay restaurants have some amazingly trained and professional staff who genuinely look like they’re enjoying themselves and who know how to treat their customers.

anyway, I’m sure you can tell I was impressed. we had the great-for-value lunch set at three courses for 30 quid per person, and I have to tell you it eventually became five (six if you count bread) courses and we were not charged for the bottled water – very surprising, but in a very good way.

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