dense chocolate cake

I’m sorry for the hiatus in recipe-provisioning – but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped baking! no, no – there is butter in the fridge, and so there must be cake.

but this one, well. I’m a little undecided about it – it’s a much-lauded nigella recipe, and I’m a huge fan, but the very quality she designed to be in the cake is precisely what I don’t really like about it: squidginess. and to call it a chocolate loaf feels a little like a stretch, because it seems rather incidental that that dark gold resides in this cake – it’s more a dense molassesy loaf. nothing wrong with that though – it could be well up your alley.

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marble cake

this cake was an experiment – I swirled two different recipes to try and get some decent marbling, but I forgot to take their different densities into acount. this left me with a prettily-cracked-and-browned cake that instead had the chocolate batter suspended in the middle of the yellow, without the swirliness that I was looking for.

so what I’m trying to say, really, is while I don’t have a recipe for you today – I do have some pretty photos that might inspire some sweet success on your part this weekend. talk soon!


p.s. if you’re in the mood for a bit of marble cake, there’s a great recipe in the archives (one of my favourites, too!)

orange-lime madeleines

my favourite madeleine recipe – here spruced up with the zest of a whole orange and lime, half a teaspoon of vanilla for the honey, and omitting the glaze for beautiful simplicity.

the worst part of the weekend is the knowledge that the new week is starting – which contrarily shortens the weekend further. but knowing you spent the time on precious (and tasty) weekend endeavours helps.

if you live in a timezone where your sunday is barely starting, I hope you have a great one!


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table water (crackers)

I can’t be the only person with a liking for truly plain biscuits, can I? carr’s table water are some of my favourite crackers for their crisp snap and tasty plain wheat flavour – and I never knew how easy it was to make my own. they are immensely addictive on their own – but also go so well with peanut butter and cheese (yes, I promised you this a month ago, I’m so sorry).

but you’ll forgive me – pretty please? – when I tell you that these only need four ingredients, all of which you probably already have in your pantry.

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nutella-stuffed banana cookies

did you know you could make cookies with bananas? I always thought they were far too moist to make proper cookies – and I was right, sorta. cookie is a misnomer for the delicious rounds of banana whatchamacallit these are – they are deeply caramelized, crazy fragrant, not nearly as filling as a slice of dense banana cake – not there’s anything really wrong with that; and really, I think it’s best to imagine these as a browned muffin top.

but like loads better, because there is nutella.

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one-bowl no-microwave orange-lime curd

this curd, well. I had so wanted this to be a post on how you could successfully make a lip-puckering, citrus-loving curd in the microwave – no fire in this blistering heat – but no. it still turned out utterly delicious, beautifully set and the best celebration of citrus juice I can imagine, but that was after a bit of quick salvation and rapid whisking  – so, yes, still a success if not the convenient method I had hoped.

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marmalade-glazed orange madeleines

this is the third orange madeleine recipe here on andmorefood – and the best one. now my go-to recipe, it creates humps for me every single time, and stands up to any sort of citrus – and is always highly requested at home. not too sweet, tender, with a deeply-caramelized edge, I can’t say enough good things about it.

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(nutella!) swiss roll

I have a jar of expiring nutella – so be prepared for a deluge of yummy-chocolate-hazelnut-containing recipes! I’ve shared a swiss roll recipe with you guys before, and this one is a little better. less cracks, a finer-and-more-tightly-bound crumb – one step closer to the swiss roll recipe of my dreams.

and I promise, it’s not just better because it’s rolled up tightly with as much nutella as I could pack into it – I admit to a certain amount of sense-numbing induced by nutella consumption. everything else nievitably fades into the background.

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egg wash tips

I came across a lovely paragraph while going through the epicure asia magazine today – such lovely photos in this publication – about egg washes, and while I’ve known this sort-of-vaguely, I thought I’d share it with you guys in case you get down to some serious baking over the weekend – those cookies up there are a great start (photos rehashed from the archive!).

types of egg washes

whole eggs with salt create a shiny sheen – this is usually applied on breads
whole eggs with a splash of milk give you a matte finish – usually for cookies
whole eggs with a splash of water bring a golden hue – apparently usually for savouries
plain egg yolks only for a shiny brown finish – especially for pastry (this is my favourite one!)
yolks only with a splash of water will make for a warm golden finish
yolks with a splash of cream or milk renders a darker brown shade on your goods
egg whites only if you’re looking for a lightly-coloured and crisp surface


taken from epicure asia, april 2013, adapted from a quote by thierry delourneaux, executive pastry chef at the fairmont singapore and swissôtel the stamford.

pear loaf

a twist on the standard banana bread recipe, this one incorporates grated pears and walnuts in a cinnamon-kissed dough – a one-bowl recipe that emerges from the oven with a lovely crack and the homey smell of cinnamon.

and isn’t it a beautiful brown loaf? it’s often difficult to photograph a rustic sort of cake, without the help of gorgeous frosting to mask that monotony – but when it comes out all glossy and shiny this way – it’s incomparable in appeal.

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