violet oon’s kitchen, bukit timah

peranakan done up all fancy-like. it’s good food here, if you’re hankering for something a little out of the brunchordinary: local classics dished up pretty, as well as nonya interpretations of brunch classics.

I heard quite a lot about the food here before coming, and it’s gratifying that the food didn’t disappoint. especially since it’s rather a bit of pain getting here by public transport (try to cab or drive if you can).

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indochilli restaurant, zion road

rather impressive indonesian food, and surprisingly cheap for being in this part of close-to-town. I’m no purist, if you haven’t figured, nor a connoisseur of indonesian food – so I treat it much the way I do thai: I like it spicy and tasty.

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our growing edge: may 2013

our growing edge

welcome to the may episode of growing edge entries – I’m your host, sonya, and today we’ll be talking about cookies and pretzels and cakes – and so much more. if you’re new to our growing edge, it’s a party (!) to inspire us all to try new things. let’s get started!

p.s. my talent is totally wasted without a career on the telly, eh?

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beirut grill, bugis

decent lebanese food along bussorah street – though I still haven’t found anything in singapore that satisfies nearly the way yalla yalla does. I came here in a group of good friends because two of us wanted middle-eastern food, and despite the fact that we have a sizeable muslim community here (which ostensibly ought to perpetuate the growth of these restaurants), I haven’t really found a place with good hummus or pita – which I think, really, are the basics. this place came up on our incessant googling, and so we took it for a spin – it was pretty decent food, and one of the best in this genre that I’ve had in singapore, but it stands nowhere if contesting with outlets in london.

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crystal jade jiang nan restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

really good chinese food at vivocity – and not too expensive too! I’ve already done a post on this place – and promised you another post on this place, and so here it is. I really do miss regionally-differentiated chinese food like we got in london, and this place is still one of the places where I’ve found it both good, and in a clean and modern environ (usually the ones in singapore are set up in more esoteric areas, and in more dingy conditions), which makes it easy to return to.

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