tatsuya japanese restaurant, town

pretty decent japanese food at the goodwood park hotel. tatsuya is famed as one of the best japanese restaurants in singapore – and almost all the blogs I’ve come across have a post on it. it’s also known for being rather expensive when ordering à la carte, and so most people storm for its supposedly more value-for-money lunch sets. and so, of course, I had to go see what all the furor was about.

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japanese sun dining, town

expensive, but very good japanese in chijmes. I’ve been to this outlet of sun and moon a few times, and it is in fact the only one that my family continues to patronise. japanese food may be popular in singapore, and we have many offshoots of famous japanese ramen establishments as well as have conveyor-belt sushi places but there is a dearth of very good restaurants where you can get a wide range of japanese food – i.e. from tempura to sushi rolls to noodles and teppanyaki. chikuwa tei, which I just recently blogged about, falls in this category,  but it is of a more homely atmosphere than the semi-fine dining one here.

the choices are large on the menu here, and we truly have not yet ordered something we haven’t liked. most dishes are quite expensive, though really not extraordinarily so – and therein I think lies its attraction. japanese restaurants in the various hotels charge terribly exorbitant prices, rendering them only candidates for truly special dinners whereas this place works very nicely for a nice night out with the family or a date.

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sushi tei, serangoon

sushitei (1) sushitei (2)

decent japanese part-of-a-chain at serangoon circus. I come here quite often to lunch with my aunt, and it is popular enough that it needs no real introduction. it is one of a few conveyor-style sushi restaurants in singapore, and probably the best and also hence most expensive one. it’ll still be cheaper than eating at a proper sit-down-get-served japanese restaurant, but I would consider this mid-range.

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kulu kulu, london

photo 1 (1)photo 1photo 2 (1)photo 2photo 3 (1)photo 3photo 4 (1)photo 4

decent sushi in south kensington. so I promised that I would share with you places that you could eat at in south kensington, and here is my favourite. I come here very often after late nights in college or at the gym, and you’re almost guaranteed a meal if you come before 10pm. it’s conveyor belt sushi, so don’t go there expecting the standard that you might get at a sushi bar such as atari-ya.

in any case, one of the reasons we come here is the fact that we love the very perfectly ripe avocado they use here. they must have a good relationship with their grocer as the avocado here is almost always soft and melting and meshes very well with the sushi.

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atari-ya, london

atariya (1)atariya (2)atariya (3)atariya (4)atariya (5)atariya (6)atariya (7)atariya (8)atariya (9)atariya (10)

great japanese food at swiss cottage. this was my birthday dinner and I love love japanese food. there’s something so calming and clean about the tastes, and yet it covers the entire spectrum of flavours. I had actually planned to go to yashin this year as I’ve read great things about it – but then the most-planned things don’t always happen, and that’s not such a bad thing either.

this isn’t my first time at atari-ya, and we fancied coming here was of greater value than going to yashin which would be technically perfect, but atari-ya is one of the famous importers of japanese high-grade fish in london and so why not just go to the source if you’re hankering after some great sushi/sashimi?

everything we had was great, and the photos up there is an assortment of sushi, sashimi, salmon jaw (which I highly recommend as it came as a huge fillet), tempura (battered prawns), agedashi tofu (fried battered tofu immersed in dashi), and a glass of the best sake I’ve had to date. it was a special unfiltered sake they were advertising, and I recommend it if you’re going to visit atari-ya soon. it was murky and thicker than typical sake, and oh-so-good.

one more recommendation: get your spider roll (or soft-shell crab roll for all you who aren’t familiar with japanese food) inside-out and rolled with tobiko. the juxtaposition of crunch eggs and crispy moist soft-shell crab is amazing.

head here! or don’t (and then I wouldn’t have to make reservations).

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