cingjing, a summary

absolutely beautiful. breathtakingly, shutter-snappingly gorgeous. you see these scenes on the telly and it’s pretty, right, but it’s another thing altogether when you find yourself in the rolling hills and beneath the shade of the sakura. it was late in the season when we arrived, so while the trees weren’t effervescently blooming, they did hold a few late pink blooms – which was more than enough, coupled with the view it so wonderfully framed.

it’s not an eating town so much (one of the best things was the oden at 7-eleven), but the sightseeing makes up for it.

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supertree by indochine, gardens by the bay

this is a half-review, so to speak, because hey, can we first talk about how beautiful Singapore is now? it boggles the mind to think that this transformation happened in less than four years – especially when you compare it to my beautiful dreamland of London, where construction often has terms spanning decades.

but look at how shiny it all is! we’ve got our own large ferris wheel, giant metal trees – and while I know there are detractors that scoff at the unnaturalness of all these – hello you, have you seen the heavily-made-up lady next to you? what’s natural? – I emphatically love it all.

so back to this blog’s raison d’etre, and I conclude this place is fantabulous for viewing our beautiful bright lights, just skip the complimentary drinks.

one probably has to appreciate that in this market of rising alcohol prices (thank god I’m basically abstinent), you get one drink (from a short list) with your $18 entrance ticket – but the white wine was incredibly dry (almost akin to the feeling you get after using a tongue scraper) , and a whiskey cola heavy on the latter.

I can’t comment on their larger a-la-carte drinks menu, because you know I nursed the heck out of my eight-dollar glass of coke (and it was rather flat! at that price I want darn humongstrous bubbles!) – but I was there for date night and the view, so it worked out all good.

have a good weekend! (and happy belated thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!)

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not a dragon, nor a fly

I’m out of action today – bogged down by an inflamed throat and my efforts to get to work – and food isn’t really on the mind, really.

so here are a few shots of this beautiful dragonfly we saw on the way to a restaurant a couple weeks ago – so well-behaved, and amenable to more-than-a-few clicks of my shutter. those colours are just something, eh?

and a (national) parade at night, 2013

just a few last shots from the parade – from when the sun set and our lights went on. I know some people thought the parade wasn’t as good this year, but the atmosphere was positively electric that night. it was like a massive rave!

and there were fireworks! I think blasting bright fire in the sky is the best thing ever – it’s poignant, and beautiful, and full of sentimality, and just plain awesome.

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of men and machine (and the parade), 2013

I cannot entirely express to you how excited I am about sharing these photos – but I am certainly going to try. a few days ago, I mentioned that we scored some tickets to the national day parade – these tickets are much sought after, and won through ballot – but on the actual day, we got crazy decent seats (even after arriving a tad late).

I did a whole whack-a-mole-type pop-out-of-my-seat routine ever so often during the parade just so I could take just about a million photos – and landed with some pretty cool ones. I hope you like them as much as I do!


and if I haven’t been explicit enough – I’m proud of our tiny country, our beautiful landscapes and sky-scapes, and our increasingly impressive national day parades. onward, singapore! may you grow stronger, smarter, and more beautiful.

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warung taulan, bali

p.s. I just realized you can see the lightning from the storm! how cool is that – long exposures for the win.

pretty good indonesian food at this beautiful (and pretty romantic) restaurant overlooking rice fields in seminyak. it’s a really gorgeous place, with large pavilions serving as restaurants, live music playing, and good low-lighting. we had a good meal here – the menu spans european offerings such as pasta as well as balinese dishes, and we went for the latter.

service was friendly and attentive, the food was tasty and came at a good pace. while the food wasn’t mindblowing, it was well flavored, and made for a nice quiet dinner away from the bustling morass of beach-side bali.

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new year’s eve preparation, 2012

these are a few shots from my terrible backlog – this time from singapore’s preparation for the new year’s eve party at the marina barrage. singapore is sort of growing up into a hip city, eager to show off its vibrant nightlife and its very gorgeous new skyline along the river.

this year, they were encouraging citizens – and really just anyone – to write their best wishes for the new year on these large white balloons that would later be scattered about the river in a sort of modern installation. I thought these were very cool – and since my partner and I have a few wishes we’d like to get fulfilled in the new year, it was pretty fun to do this. our new hipster status will probably be reinstated by the insistence on recycling and biodegradability on that sign right on the top – a very neat thing in asia since recycling has yet to really catch on here.

(the presence of young and enthusiastic people who I assume will fit quite neatly into this phase of singapore’s nightlife development is probably rather manifested in their k-pop scribbling all over the sign).

hope you liked these as much as I do!