pagi sore indonesian restaurant, tanjong pagar

very-good indonesian food at tanjong pagar’s 100am – still very good, even after the first time we came here nearly a year a go (with many consistent great visits between).

they’ve gotten a little bit busier now than they were before, so it can actually get fully occupied on weekday dinners (which is both good for food turn-over and bad for waiting). but service is prompt, and the food comes out very quickly – so you’re fine once you’re seated.

the flavors are punchy and perky, and it’s a spice-iness that makes things interesting, and a spicyness that is just right for even moderate chilli eaters to handle. we tend to order up a storm – the butter prawns and curry fish head are favorites, as is the rendang, and it all goes very well with the rice that comes in a beautiful wrap of banana leaf.

good value, great flavors, and quick service. it’s the weekday dinner diner of dreams.

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant (Amara Shopping Center Outlet)
#02-28 100AM (Amara Shopping Center)
100 Tras Sreet
Singapore 079027
tel +65 6636 1373
$$: one-zeho-zeho for four

lagnaa barefoot dining, little india

a gimmicky, very-expensive indian restaurant in little india – not the traditional indian foodery as you’d expect in this neighborhood. it seems catered toward tourists, tripadvisor (on which it has a fantastic rating) and unknowing diners a like – the gimmick of barefoot dining and variable heat levels (and of course that means there’s a barely-human level up there) saying possibly everything you need to know.

and of course, it could be not a gimmick, but a preference for no-shoes and a care for customers’ varying heat requirements. but I’m just saying – coupled with the high prices and the small portions of supposed-to-be-cheap food, I’m more likely to put this off as a tourist trap than anything else.

but I’m cynical (that’s why you like me, right).

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pagi sore indonesian restaurant, tanjong pagar

decent indonesian food at the newish 100am mall – a great spicy precursor to a sweet japanese treat. I had been craving indonesian food for a while now – which is rather strange seeing as how 1. I don’t really know what indonesian food entails and 2. all I know of it are indistinct memories of a meal I probably had a couple of years ago.

this probably means that when I said I was craving indonesian – I really meant a hankering for something spicy and flavorful, and this took care of it.

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addie’s thai cafe, london

really good thai food at earls court. addie’s is pretty well known despite the fact that it’s more of a local than a destination restaurant, but the offerings of fantastic thai food at reasonable prices in london are less abundant than you might think. I generally like going to busaba eathai, but with a small-ish (comparatively) menu as compared to addie’s, the flavours there can get a little monotonous after a couple visits – and addie’s is brilliant for punchy thai meals.

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baozi inn, london

baozi (1)baozi (2)baozi (3)baozi (4)baozi (5)baozi (6)

fantastic chinese food in soho. this is a small eatery specialising in noodles and dumplings – usually spicy – and the food is usually very good and satisfying, service quick and helpful if a little brusque at times.

I’ve been to this small eatery quite a few times now, though this is the first time I’ve gotten around to telling you about it. it’s a little to me like busaba eathai – good quick food that’s reliable and casual enough for a weekday. it’s tucked away on a small lane in soho, so grab your gps if you haven’t been there before.

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