zafferano, clifford pier

ok, ok, I ate here during restaurant week – which was in.. october? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

decent food, good view, quiet cosy-type environs all done up in dark tones – it’s a safe choice for dates, and its location in the CBD is plenty convenient.

I will say though, that the photographs of zafferano are a little nicer than the actual restaurant is, but at least the food and service pass muster. and – they have a stellar tenderloin on offer that was quite utterly delicious.

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latteria mozzerella bar, duxton hill

yes, the tiramisu is as good as it looks.

perfect-for-a-date, perfect for your friday night (and hey! valentine’s day is just about peeking round the corner) italian restaurant in the hip enclave that is the top of duxton hill. I like the buzz of the place, I liked the food, and it’s just the right mix of date-conducive and comfy that spells relaxation after a long day.

it was good from start to finish (which is more uncommon than you’d think), and if you’re gearing up for next week’s chinese new year celebrations – it’s a good place to get your non-chinese fix.

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isteaks grillhouse, serangoon gardens

surprisingly delicious steak, and well-cooked at that, at this rather casual steakery in myvillage at serangoon gardens. it’s a rather cleaned-up, modernified take on what was previously a coffeeshop western stall (a rather local phenomenon of asian-interpreted fried western foods dished up good and cheap), with service courtesy of rather-friendly aunties and good food couresty of great ingredients and some impressive-cooking.

it’s not nearly in the same league as the rather more renowned, poshy steakhouses – but it does pretty well in its class, rather much more impressive than aston’s, to my thinking.

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bruno’s pizzeria and grill, katong

very good italian family-style trattoria in the food wonder that is katong. we’ve gotten in the habit of prowling katong hunting for new restaurants to try post-dinner, which is how we happened upon bruno’s – and it was a good thing we did.

the food is great – good ingredients, large portions, strong flavors – and the atmosphere of the place is as lovely as you’d want: there’s a certain coziness that comes with the patronage of clearly-regular customers who banter with wait staff and rambunctious children that properly create that rather indescribable something that makes an italian establishment.

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aston’s specialty, changi airport

surprisingly good food at this value-for-money home-grown american-food chain-outlet at changi airport’s terminal one (phew, that’s a lot of hyphens). it isn’t posh dining – more coffee-shop western store grown up more than anything else, but there was some proper food on the table and an astoundingly small bill at the end. and while cheap-and-cheerful springs to mind, I think that’s an understatement for one of the most economical meals I’ve had in singapore recently.

if you’ve been to one of aston’s (this one or not), then you’re likely as surprised as I am about how positive this is going to be – but try not to scoff too early, alright?

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burnt ends, chinatown

surprisingly – and I mean that in the best way – good modern offerings at this new(ish) restaurant in the bustling enclave that is keong saik road. I used modern because I am lax to use fusion – which often has negative connotation – this place serves up what I think is a very contemporary style of food: it straddles both eastern and weatern flavors perfectly well, and meshes elements and techniques to a cohesive and (if done right) enjoyable result.

n.b. if you know a less rambling way to descibe that manner of cooking, I’d be well-pleased to hear it.

competitively priced, enjoyable food with some standouts, a lovely restaurant and kitchen theatrics on show, this is my thursday recommendation for friday (or any day) date night.

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l’angelus, chinatown

brilliant french dining – great food in a sophisticated, candle-lit intimate space – in club street, and one of the more impressive meals I’ve had, from start-to-fin. I’ve been to quite a few restaurants this year – perhaps an understatement – and eaten rather well, but a restaurant that shines from appetiser to dessert is difficult to find; this one does that perfectly well – really enjoyable.

plus it’s (thank-heavens-for-) Friday tomorrow! and if you’re looking for a place to start the weekend off proper, this place will do you well good.

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black angus steakhouse, town

great steaks – and for incredible value – in this steakhouse located just outside orchard parade hotel. let’s start this darn monday off with something simple – one of my favorite restaurants in singapore, and a regular family hangout. we’ve been coming here for ages – and while the prices have risen a little in that time, it remains one of the best (and only) places for a good, satisfying meal in town – not something easily said these days.

in a food climate that allows fancy restaurants to masquerade as steakhouses, serving exorbitantly-priced steaks without even the comfort of sides to lubricate the deal (paying for sides that ought to be there is one thing – and what are these double-digit figures for a mound of mash and a few skinny beans), this place is a godsend if you love your meat and have a beef with those newfangled places. it’s a return to true old-school american steakhouses where you sit down to an expertly-cooked slab of meat and sides, no fancy-schmancies.

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north border bar & grill, buona vista

decent american food at this colonial house hidden in the rochester park. done up with a bar, al fresco dining areas and two floors of sitting, this place has food you want to eat when you think of american chains like TGIF and billy bombers, but at standards those places aspire to. not revolutionary food, but very much well worth returning to – singapore doesn’t have many restaurants that do a large american menu well, and the surroundings are gorgeous.

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