all things n’ice, suntec city

unfussy, but also unspectacular dishing up of local desserts at this food-court-like store by the fountain of wealth in suntec city. it’ll do in a pinch – but its rather unimpressive mien is a double-edged sword for people new to local desserts: you won’t know how bad it is much better it could be, but forming a first impression of localness in this place probably wouldn’t encourage you to eat any more.

this ain’t bashing, because this place isn’t gourmet (and it knows it), but really – it’s only good if you want something sweet and really can’t care about what you have (because if you did, you’d head to patisserie g, just barely five minutes away).

it’s a food-court-like store that looks like it morphed out the food republic just next to it – an open-air cafe lining the edge of the atrium and manned by harried staff dressed in cute, rather kitschy retro-type aprons. the name rather indicates its offering of desserts only, cheap plates/ bowls of things like grass jelly, ice jelly (a generic name for a lime-ish clear jelly), chewy tapioca balls and sweet-cooked beans on ice – all local, pretty authentic, but none really that interesting.

perhaps the best thing was the osmanthus jelly: two a serving, these were fragrant (and perhaps almost suspiciously so) tender, scallop-edged jellies with plump wolfberries.

according to me* – it doesn’t really bear coming back (it makes me wonder if the dessert store in the actual food court might do better) – its biggest recommendation is the big, airy space by the wealth fountain, and as a relative escape from the manic crowds. but its cheap, the desserts are cold, service is prompt and the space is pretty kitschy – you could certainly do much worse.

p.s. according to me was a phrase I heard this week from a rather opinionated, egoistic individual – and I’ve wanted to repeat it since just to relive that outrage I felt upon first hearing it. and where better to do it than my own blog? 🙊

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namnam noodle bar, suntec city

I’ve recently been particularly uninspired by the new food offerings lately – which explains why quite a few of my reviews are on rather staid, mid-of-the-range choices. often overlooked for being chains/ old-fashioned/ too common, places like nam nam here don’t often get the hype they deserve from food literature – much like rakuzen, just a post before – cheap, good food with a decent ambience that doesn’t make you feel cheap.

and yes, standards have fallen since I came a while back – but it’s still good enough eating to still make a visit.

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sushi goshin by akashi, suntec city

great food, and a good upper-market version of my favorite sushi tei chain – not that the two are connected in anything but the cuisine they serve, but they both have the same good-for-value vibe, in a casual but not shabby atmosphere well-suited for both weekday dinners and a weekend lunch (not that I’d turn down a meal here anytime).

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