satay by the bay

a short one for a bad one – this one was nearly on the same scale of disappointing as the refurbished lau pa sat. I had read rather lackluster reviews about this place before visiting, but one must appease one’s mother confirm such opinions, so we came here for supper one late saturday night.

the turn into the carpark is a pretty out-of-the-blue sharp ninety-degrees, so be careful – and we missed it once before finally arriving at a half-occupied complex smelling very strongly of satay (I know, duh, but this was a clothes-soaking, grease-sticking sort of smell). many stalls were actually closed, or closing (and it was only just before 10), so we settled only for a plate of chicken and beef satay and some cut fruit to wash away the fattiness.

I applaud the effort that went into creating such beautiful space, but really, it’s nothing without good hawkers. the satay was average at best, and could do with rendering a bit more fat and grease, and the fruit was cheaper than I expected.

neither of which makes for good advertisement or reason to return, however.

Satay by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
$$: 5-15 a person (it really depends on what you’re ordering)

andersen’s of denmark ice cream, town

ice cream and more at this open air outlet of the dutch ice cream chain at marina square. another quick dessert post while I prepare the recipe for the tau sar piah:¬†this is one of my partner’s favourite ice cream places – he particularly likes their rum and raisin flavour – and we came here with the family for a spot of sweet after dinner. it’s not the coolest place to be eating ice cream – those hipster places with their fancy liquid nitrogen and exotic flavours – but it is an old standby, and still pretty good for it.

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