feedlot steakhouse bar & grill, tanglin

pretty meh food at this steakhouse – with only a couple of dishes moving past that meh – in the tanglin post office. this place certainly looks inviting, big patio and sophisticated dark interiors, but you’re probably better off food-wise with some brunch from the nassim hill bakery, or even cooking your own with goods from that delightful swiss butchery upstairs.

I don’t know what it is about this place – the food is pretty adequate, but it doesn’t seem anything special at all, and certainly options abound if you’re looking for something better. it’s good if you’re in the area, but otherwise not quite worth the effort.

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drury lane cafe, tanjong pagar

perhaps one of the loveliest of the hipster cafes I’ve been to in singapore – it joins the lonely department of caffeine in that estimation – really good food, and friend-certified coffee near chinatown.

well worth a visit, and repeats at that.

it was packed on a saturday afternoon, as most these places are, but we scored a seat on the lovely wooden crate of a table outside – brilliant for photography, and a good way to escape the rather stuffy non-ventilation indoors.

this was part two of a brunch outing, after a rather disappointing experience (which I’ll tell you about soon), so we only had space for a bit of coffee and sweets – just to fill up the space in our stomachs (and hearts) left empty from the first place.

the caramel chocolate tart was a lovely yin-yang type confection of buttery crust and flowy filling, and my muesli parfait a small portion (with similarly small price) of lovely oats in thick, sour yogurt and a swirl of berry compote.

I loved that little cup of muesli.

I really don’t appreciate coffee much, but my javaholic friends gave this place the thumbs up – and so I pass on their recommendation.

it’s a lovely space, manned by lovely people – service is a tad slow on account of their crowdedness, but it’s sincere, and the food is both reasonably-priced and tasty.

a shiner in its class. and, it gave me beautiful photos – for which I say thank-you and a I’ll-see-you-again-soon.

have a great weekend you guys!

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nassim hill bakery, tanglin

oh, I couldn’t resist a gif – you’ll forgive me, yes? for I bring you one of my newest favorites to help with your weekend brunch planning – so good I returned a second time in a matter of three days (sometimes you have to give in be kind to yourself).

both times, i was surprised at such fantastic execution of brunch classics – it’s good, simple cooking done well; big portions I want for a meal that marries the best of the morning and the start of the afternoon; a beautiful space with beautiful people and the option of champagne.

you’re very welcome.

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