maison kayser, wheelock place

cute, and surprisingly filling tea break at this casual cafe outpost in wheelock – I’ve never really thought this place lived up quite to the furor it raised when it first appeared, but this teatime really surprised me: it was a good selection of their goods, a more-than-satisfactory range between sweet and savory, and it came pretty quickly – and then they left us alone. all good things. and aren’t those eclairs cute?

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letoile cafe, farrer park

this place is very cute. it’s a pleasant little two-storey cafe in a part of little india I’ve never ventured to (thanks to carmen for the suggestion – it wasn’t even on my radar) – and escapes all hipster pretensions by being both incredibly homey and quaint at the same time. there’s a bit of that japanese homestay feel about it, with friendly service from the moment you step into the door, the little bits-and-bobs and magazines strewn across the store, as well as the generally frill-free decor of the place (not the deliberate frill-free scandi we’ve been seeing, but the sort that comes from a simple home).

and, the cake was great. given that I now expect to be disappointed more than not when having cake outside, this last point is vital.

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