iced vovos

forget all the easy recies I’ve been providing you with – these ones are a veritable operation. mixing, chilling, rolling, shaping, baking, icing and dusting and icing, these took me the better part of a morning and far more pink than I’ve ever handled.

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toasted white sesame cake

so, let’s talk cake. let’s talk this cake, which is – I think – the best, most complex, most subtly enticing piece in my baking repertoire, and which I can still taste even now, nearly two months after baking it. two months?!, I hear you exclaim – and yes, I deeply apologize for withholding the discovery of this confection from you. there’s been a myriad range of things like holidays and meetups and restaurant-eating, and really it’s sort of ironic that I can go on for ages babbling about this cake and not actually start writing – a little like now, really.

this is an alice medrich recipe, and so that tells you quite a bit about the pedigree of it – she’s often associated with the best chocolate recipes (her cocoa brownies are a revelation) and this¬†is¬†the first recipe I’ve made of hers that doesn’t involve that dark gold, but really – her name’s almost a guarantee for something lovely out of the oven.

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