parathai, onekm

I am being a bad blogger – work is catching up and I’m flying off to the US on friday (!!) – but I bring you a good one, and I hope you forgive me.

this is the paradise group’s venture into thai food, and it is a laudable effort. modern interpretations of dishes that still retain a distinctly thai feel (although you might detect a fusion of other cultures in some of the dishes), this is weekday dining at its best. located in the relatively new onekm mall, the restaurant enjoys bustling business without too much queue, and is currently one of my favorite new places.

especially this dish here, of vegetable fritters and a delicious sauce that I can’t identify. utterly delicious.

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the fat cat bistro, holland village (take 2)

a couple shots from the fat cat in holland village, a surprisingly multi-talented casual restaurant serving three menus: thai, indian, and western/ italian. my favorite remains the indian – it’s solid, hearty cooking – but we order across the cuisines whenever we come.

full review here. it’s a good one to keep in mind if you’re feeling undecidable – and great for crowds, seeing as
there really ought to be something for someone here (if they can’t find something even here, rethink the relationship).

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the fat cat bistro, holland village

still very good food at this cafe-restaurant that relocated to the genial confines of holland village. it used to be a little closer to me, though definitely more inconvenient in its previous hideaway in serangoon – but it’s great that standards haven’t dropped, portions haven’t shrunk, and all that terrible jazz you associate with any drastic change in an eatery.

it’s almost a food court, with three distinct stalls operating within a single compound – just quite a lot classier. in its new location, it’s also spacious and rather cozily furnished, and a good choice for those large gatherings of friends where you’re looking for a not-shabby place that won’t break anyone’s budget.

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porn’s, telok blangah

decent place for an easy thai lunch on the weekdays – not too expensive neither. so I believe the eponymous owner of this place gave rise to its rather audacious name (you must supposed that’s why it was done), but the food is not nearly as startling.

it’s decent thai food – the flavors are there, and I’m not one to argue authenticity – in a cafe setting, ever-so-slightly less commercial-feeling than the larger chains like thai express.

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soul food mahanakorn, bangkok

I’m getting a leg up on this last bangkok post – I’m literally buried under the weight of all the food I’ve been having in singapore but haven’t shared! I’ve also saved (one of the) best for last – this popular hideaway of a trendy restaurant in thonglor that’s been gaining traction in blogs and fashionable magazines.

it’s seemingly contrary that this abettor of thai cuisine was set up by an american – but the food is great, the cocktails extensive and decent, and the vibe rather yuppie-ish – but in a very laid-back and non-annoying manner. it’s filled almost entirely by expatriates and tourists (as we were), but it didn’t detract from our enjoyment at all – let’s not argue about authenticity and all that bejazz in the face of such lovely dining, eh?

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kum poon, bangkok

the food here, is quite good. it’s casual, inexpensive, gives me the same trendy+fuss-free vibe as my favourite sushi tei and busaba haunts, and we came twice during the trip – which really is probably all that’s needed to be said.

it’s essentially street food that’s prettied up to suit its furnishings, and unlike most modern interpretations of local food – it both succeeds in being exciting but approachable. it’s not high-falutin’ gourmet or startlingly good in and of itself – but it is very likable, and we got more-than-decent meals both times.

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phan-khom contemporary thai cuisine, bangkok

fair, but largely unexceptional thai cooking at this restaurant in central world, bangkok. we were walking around trying to find a restaurant that was not-too-expensive, not-too-casual and not-too-crowded, and found it here – but we also got found not-quite-remarkable cooking in that mix.

nothing wrong with the cooking of course, but it’s the sort of establishment I would delineate for friday night what-do-we-eat dinners than any special occasion dining. except for those pork ribs up there, which were pretty dang good.

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ramen express seafood, bangkok

okay-ish thai food near central world in bangkok – good in a pinch but many better options exist. this was the first place we ate at in bangkok – and it wasn’t a great introduction to the city, but it was 9pm, we had touched down just two hours ago, and everything else was closed.

this place stood out with its bright lights and rather convenient location opposite the hotel; the food was alright, really – but it tells you alot when everyone else in the store was clearly not bangkokiann: the prices are inflated, the food a bit too oily and salty. I think its biggest merit is staying open long past its neighbors.

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chote chitr, bangkok

decent thai food and rather uppity service at this hard-to-find restaurant (what is the thai equivalent of bistro?). back to thailand programming – we have a lot to get through, people! – and no better way than with this place, renowned amongst the prowlers of tripadvisor (such a mixed bag) and readers of lonely planet.

we had a (mis)adventure in getting to this place – we just could not find it for more than an hour, at which point the partner was getting a little testy. every second person we asked gave us contradictory directions (probably should have waited to ask a third person), and in the end we found a tuk-tuk that truly knew where it was.

the food was decent, prices reasonable – but we might never come back, and here’s why.

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kor panich mango sticky rice, bangkok

decent take-away mango sticky rice with a lineage near the grand palace in bangkok.

the partner loves this thai dish of glutinous rice served up with coconut milk and ripe mango, so of course I had to include it in our food itinerary. this one’s a classic no-frills rendition – in short very good, though I think we’ve had better (an implication of personal preference rather than any technical imperfections on their part).

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