bruno’s pizzeria and grill, katong

very good italian family-style trattoria in the food wonder that is katong. we’ve gotten in the habit of prowling katong hunting for new restaurants to try post-dinner, which is how we happened upon bruno’s – and it was a good thing we did.

the food is great – good ingredients, large portions, strong flavors – and the atmosphere of the place is as lovely as you’d want: there’s a certain coziness that comes with the patronage of clearly-regular customers who banter with wait staff and rambunctious children that properly create that rather indescribable something that makes an italian establishment.

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la pizzaiola, serangoon

great pizza at below-market prices in this hidden neighborhood in serangoon – incidentally, a good precursor to a couple of waffles at wimbly lu. thin-crusted pizzas with a good amount of toppings – but not so thin you can’t taste the dough – especially good because they know how to let it get to a decent char.

and there’s a decent chocolate cake here – but more on that later.

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