arkadas cafe, one-north

fantastic turkish/middle-eastern food up in fusionopolis. this place was a gem – expert, wholesome cooking coming out of a tiny kitchen. and it was manned by the most unlikely – and very likable people too – plus, plus.

reasonable prices and decent portions too – I think this might be the totally uncool but entirely amiable and completely delightful country cousin of the town-cool hipster joint.

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al hamra, holland village

great – and almost definitely one of the best places locally – middle-eastern/lebanese food in the expatriate haven of holland village. that latter description was particularly chosen – there seems a lack of local interest in the highly spiced flavours of this region’s cuisine, which probably accounts for the scarcity of places serving it. but I love it, and so this place made me right happy.

the food is great, nearly at the level of lebanese I used to get in london – whether a mark of authenticity I leave you to decide – and while expensive, it’s more than good enough for me to return.

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artichoke café + bar, bugis

really good, but also rather expensive moorish more-ish food near bugis. I’ve wanted to come here since a few years ago, but for reasons I cannot remember now, I arrived with a girlfriend and sat down, only to decide to leave without having tried anything. it’s a quaint, kitschy sort of place, hidden away from what is a pretty old estate – but then that profile suits most hipster joints in singapore these days. I really like this place though, and am really looking forward to the next visit – but the high price point means that it’s in competition with many many places at dinner time, which also means that next visit is probably long-coming.

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pita pan, town

alright middle-eastern/morrocan/turkish/that-region food at the al-fresco dining area of the marina bay sands. hot on the heels of my previous post lamenting the non-presence of good such-food joints in singapore, this place is a very posh conception of a fast-food joint. it’s pretty expensive, to start off, and sort of strangely – since hummus is basically pre-prepared and cooked before hand, and most of the ingredients at this place are laid out sort of subway style (so you expect prices more akin to that establishment). but the food isn’t too bad, and its location pretty convenient for a mid-shop craving/hunger pang – so I will assume now that it isn’t my last visit.

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