bomba paella bar, robertson quay

great spanish food along martin road, pretty much near to the robertson quay area. I haven’t been to this area much – its location is most amenable for when you have a car, and I don’t drive. but nothing brings me out like the prospect of good food, and I’ve been on the lookout for bomba’s opening since I saw it on the graze website a while ago. this was also a celebratory meal, and thankfully didn’t disappoint.

I’m pretty smitten with the graze franchise – I mean, it’s really difficult to go wrong in my book when you have thick toast and pancakes and forgoodness a dessert platter on your brunch menu. they’ve always been pretty consistent and outstanding with the quality of the food, and so I went with pretty high expectations. add the fact that my partner and I truly love paella – and you’ll realize how much was riding on this meal.

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