so pho, serangoon nex

okay-for-weekday vietnamese food at the ever-crowded nex mall in serangoon. it’s only tuesday – and it already feels like a long week – and this calls for quick, cheap food.

if you’re into that for tonight, this is an okay choice for dinner – it’s something different from the local food you’d usually have on a weekday night for not much more money, and the flavors are adequate. not quite a destination restaurant, however.

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namnam noodle bar, suntec city

I’ve recently been particularly uninspired by the new food offerings lately – which explains why quite a few of my reviews are on rather staid, mid-of-the-range choices. often overlooked for being chains/ old-fashioned/ too common, places like nam nam here don’t often get the hype they deserve from food literature – much like rakuzen, just a post before – cheap, good food with a decent ambience that doesn’t make you feel cheap.

and yes, standards have fallen since I came a while back – but it’s still good enough eating to still make a visit.

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