egg cups

I could – I could really do with one of these right now.

last night, a crime happened. my innocent, soft loaf of delicious, seedy (not seedy but seed-y), wholemeal bread was ripped from its sanctuary atop my oven and tossed to the floor, packet ripped open, bits of plastic and crumbs everywhere. when I gingerly lifted it from its prone position, the bread slices fell out like the saddest flood of emotion.

the suspects of this violation? the cat from next door, or a bird – whichever animal which had come in early last week to do the same unspeakable crime to a piece of jerky we had left wrapped on the counter.

pray for bread loaves everywhere, everyone. I hope you get to eat a lovely breakfast yourself full of eggs and ham and delicious things!


p.s. as some quick instruction: flatten your slice bread with a rolling pin, cut into the four corners an inch inward, fit into a muffin pan, and fill with ham and cheese. top it off with an egg, and bake at 175c until jiggly but set. at the beginning, it’ll take longer than you expect, but it’ll finish faster than you’d think (the same can be said of the eating)!

blog work, home

I thought I’d share with you a little of what I do when I’m not out eating – there’s a lot of quality control that goes into these posts, though it could also be rightfully and justifiably said that I have a decent amount of OCD.

I hope you’re out eating something good, or doing some good. have a great weekend!


p.s. I realize it might not be apparent here, but all those photos differ by perhaps a fraction of a degree. complete madness, as my sister might say.

bam-bam-bam-bam (hum to beethoven no. 5, please)


I know it’s been a weekend of radio silence, but I am back – and I am excited, but also all sorts of hmm-maybe-I-shouldn’t-do-this. I’ll be trying out something new for the posts starting tomorrow, and it’s a format that gives me more creative control, and my random survey of (un)willing friends has turned up mostly positive (the rest of you, I’ve been crying myself to sleep).

please let me know what you think, and if you’re wondering if I would like the truth or something beautiful – then I would like the first, all done up as the latter.

see you tomorrow!

the versatile blogger award

versatile blogger award

the very talented sophia at silk and spice and michelle at bite by michelle were kind enough to give me this award (thank you very much!) – these women are great cooks and brilliant photographers, so I feel very humble and grateful that they would.

as part of the award, I now have to figure out seven facts to tell you about myself – but safe ones, right, so I won’t have to kill you after telling:

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not cool, man, not cool


I write on this ol’ blog as an indulgence to my food- and word-loving soul – and I know the internet is no safe place – but still, stealing someone’s content wholesale without asking or informing, is the epitome of serious uncoolness (and a sign of evil).

the offending – and offensive – site has removed all the text (and most of the photos bar one) after I emailed them, but that doesn’t erase the animosity I felt and still feel. I’m not linking them here – because driving traffic to them is nothing they deserve – but really, to all you budding websiters out there – most of us will share our content. all you’ve got to do is ask.

the original post is here:

yomenya goemon, buona vista




I don’t eat ramen
so we went to ‘ghetti gomen.
only bowls of noodles
I thought – what a doodle.

a huge menu,
surely something for you?
I got the pork-sesame
which suited me a T.

it came plainly beige
not really quite the rage;
it got me worried
until I stirred it –

silky strands
perfectly al dente,
strewn with boiled pork and
very filling for midday.

the lunch sets do good
with drink and salad and soup,
the service a little strained
but not enough to complain;

the squid ink and yakitori
also went down agreeably:
rather worth a return,
if you fancy japanese-western.

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liebster award, no. 2


the awesome grub blog was kind enough to give me my second liebster award (thank you!) and here goes:

liebster award rules and requirements

post eleven facts about yourself.
answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.
go to their page and tell them.
remember, no tag backs.

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