plonk, serangoon gardens

chill, so chill. this place is a really nice place to hang out with a glass of wine and your favorite person amidst tables full of people doing the same. the kitchen is surprisingly talented, and churns out some dishes that are pretty wow, and others that still make it past the average mark.

the moscato is lovely, it serves up a tender sticky date pudding – and it’s barely ten minutes away from me in the bustling serangoon gardens. a definite keeper.


we came here on a not-so-hungry stomach, so only managed a couple plates of tapas-like dishes of squid grilled till bouncy. seasoned just nice, and sprinkled with a wedge of lemon – it was eminently edible.

as were the garlicky shell-off prawns that were just as tasty (though I think they could have been a little fresher/ meatier).

but of course I had space for dessert, and it was a good one – warm cake redolent with the smell of toffee, topped with a thin sort of caramel and served with cold ice cream. very good rendition of my favorite dessert.

it’s a quiet place, not helped by its relatively obscure location in maju avenue. that’s a double-edged sword, because it helps keep it the sort of neighborhood hangout you want to go to with your partner for a quiet drink, but it also means that business might be difficult to sustain.

which.. is why I’m sharing it. go forth and support! the food is good, the prices are reasonable (it’s not cheap-cheap, but inexpensive enough), and the gardens is a plenty leisurely place to chill out.

7 Maju Avenue
Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 558685
tel +65 6286 4688
$$: 30-40 per person

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