cookies-and-condensed-milk ice cream

I’ve told you about our giant one-purpose insulated bowl, haven’t I? qualitatively an impulse buy but hindered from full submission to this denotation by the fact that we’re still using it pretty regularly, it’s taught me a few things – I know almost absolutely nothing about ice cream, I pretty much enjoy instant gratification, and I don’t necessarily really like ice cream (horrors right? I know).

appropriate volumes and ratios elude me – and I still haven’t nurtured the same fervent curiosity I have in acquiring knowledge in baking and cake-ing – and while churning ice cream doesn’t take that long, there’s this whole line of prep that’s required, from remembering to freeze the bowl, to getting ingredients that I don’t often have – cream, usually, which is also expensive here to boot. and well, ice cream just doesn’t do very much for me. calorifically-dense, and sort of low on my satisfaction scale, a spoonful is usually enough to satisfy any cravings I get.

it’s a whole different story for my partner though, who will eat at least half a tub in a sitting (he basically has an unchecked affinity for chocking down the thing, but my incessant health warnings nag him to death probably help). so we source out recipes, and I rather obviously like the ones with special ingredients, which led us to this one.

sweetened condensed milk is a very asian ingredient – or rather, I had it loads as a kid here, and haven’t ever come across it anywhere else. stirred into milo, drizzled on buttered toast, it’s a warm sort of sweetness, both milky and vanilla-y and satisfyingly viscous.

this recipe for condensed milk ice cream was low on ingredients (and didn’t use cream!), and seemed easy. I have to say, it turned out too sweet for us, and not really creamy enough – yes, I know, you’re going off about how I should use cream if I wanted a creamy texture, but recipes like this should always approximate the real thing isn’t it? I think it might be worth a try on your side though, because I’m not absolutely sure we had the measurements down pat when we made this (the partner has no measuring utensils or scales, the horror) so it might just be a bad implementation of a good recipe. let me know how you fare if you try it!

p.s. the original recipe didn’t have them, but we broke up half a tube of oreos to toss into the mixture because while I don’t like ice cream very much, I love the bits they have in them. if you want to do this, don’t mix your cookies in too early as they crumble and can schmear the pristine creaminess of your ice cream base, so add them a little later. makes no difference to taste when you add them though!

sweetened-condensed-milk vanilla ice cream (adapted from finding joy in my kitchen, though I can’t really tell you how we adapted it)

205ml sweetened condensed milk
480ml milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
11 oreo cookies, filling removed and crumbled (optional)

    1. mix everything together – except the cookies – and churn in your ice cream maker as you would. how easy is that!
    2. optional: add the cookies gradually through the feeder while churning (see note above).

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