world streetfood congress 2013 (plus anthony bourdain!), town

step-in-the-right-direction-but-not-quite-there-yet food fair at the f1 pitstop. I made my way down here on a sweltering sunday afternoon – and while it definitely is encouraging for the local food scene, I think it needs further thought into the sort of food that was on offer.

with a large proportion of asian stores selling dishes already readily available locally – and at inflated prices – and most stores offering carb-heavy specialties, it was difficult to try everything. but at the prices being charged for rather small portions, it’s probably just as well that the dishes were so filling.


the most interesting stalls were the ones from the US street food circuit – let’s start!

our first choice of the swamp shack‘s smothered chicken: a bowl of mash topped with savory chicken-in-gravy was plenty tasty, but the first course of what was to be a very carb-y meal. the mexican fish tacos from tacombi were fantastic, with generous portions of breaded fish pieces topped with a purple cabbage slaw. delicious, and probably the best thing we had.

the soft shell crab burger from the eurotrash food cart was alright, but nothing I would get again. it was decently meaty in the centre but I think we have access to far better soft shell crabs locally. also, this was puny.

the porchetta burger from the people’s pig was quite fantastic. the pork wasn’t too fatty – and was crazy juicy. almost a little too much because the bun was soaked toward the end and basically disintegrating – but hey, first-world-foodie problem eh? I was impressed by how they dressed the rocket just before serving with a fresh squeeze of lemon – and the pork really was something gorgeous. brings me back to roast pig sandwiches you’d get at market squares in italy. and it had soft, sweet cloves of garlic and bits of chilli too – really fantastic.

this store also had the hipsterest person I’ve seen in a while though – bicycle tats and other foodie paraphenalia inked on his arms. makes sense the store’s from portland.

we were left with an awkward amount of money toward the end – the problem of not really optimizing the usage of food coupons – so we finished with a plate of indian bhel puri from gulab singh. essentially a plate of fried crackers tossed with peanuts and a sweet sauce, this wasn’t a bad finish for the mix of flavours. the crackers did seem a little stale though – probably due to exposure to our humid climate, but the crunchy peanuts made up for that.

and so you see, the options were a little too heavy going for a hot afternoon, and certainly not very snackable. but fair play to the organisers, as it’s something different in this tiny red dot, and most certainly a walk in the right direction. maybe next time we could also have more esoteric asian cuisine – things that are actually difficult to find in singapore.

I’m not really a fan girl, but I spotted anthony bourdain! not that it was difficult – he’s a tall man being escorted by relatively puny asian people – and I had to take a shot (as did many others, you see).

World Street Food Congress
31 May – 9 June 2013
F1 Pit Building & Paddock
1 Republic Boulevard
Singapore 038975
$$$: two sandwiches + one taco + one puri + one bowl o’ chicken-and-mash = sixty-five (i.e. two tickets at twenty-eight each, and a top-up of ten for more vouchers)

p.s. we missed the danish porc burger as we were too early – anyone got to try that?

4 thoughts on “world streetfood congress 2013 (plus anthony bourdain!), town

  1. The danish burger was amazing. Really liked the buns and the relish they made. I feel like a poor relative eating around here though – the tostada was $10 a piece! but lovely.

    • I wish I got to try those two! my friend is shellfish-allergic, so the soft shell crab was already pushing it.

      I felt the same! even at a hipster tapas place that would have brought larger portions at least.

  2. World street food congress! that sounds like an amazing event! I bet for the red cabbage slaws went well with deep fried fish… sounds fantastic!

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