l’atelier tiramisu, clarke quay

beautiful slices of classic-and-more tiramisu done right at this small store at the basement of the central at clarke quay. don’t be fooled by the dainty entremet-like appearance of the slice – it’s a hefty portion of mascarpone layered with properly-soaked lady finger biscuits, and very delicious (almost surprisingly so).


I’m not one for tiramisu, really. it’s merely a trifle-by-another-name, but when expertly executed – we’re talking savoiardi biscuits soaked just enough in good dark coffee for a smooth bitterness while still retaining form integrity (no mush, thank you), rich mascarpone whipped till fluffy, and the whole thing only mildly sweet and dusted with a good shower of cocoa – even I fall a little in love with it.

as was the case here. my expectations were high given the store serves only its namesake, and it more than rose to the mark. it’s some sort of OCD the way I appreciate how it cuts through beautifully – the cheese and soaked biscuits yield cleanly but retain structure, and you taste everything in the balance of coffee, cream and cocoa.

choose between ordering a sampler of different flavors, a slice of each, or a large square cake; and while not cheap at six-eighty a slice, it’s competitive with the rising prices of cake (why?! it’s not as though I’m not paying for it with gym time already).

and don’t underestimate how filling that one slice is – it’s actually perfectly portioned: any larger and the richness would be cloying, any smaller miserly. as was, it is elegant and just right for a very indulgent tea-time.

n.b. for you hipster coffee aficionados, you can grab your slice with a cup o’ liberty java.

L’Atelier TiramiSu
#B1-09 The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817
(Clarke Quay MRT, Exit F)
$.5: six-dollars-eighty each hefty-but-dainty slice

p.s. I was so pleased with my classico, I grabbed the matcha and cherry slices: the cherry slice reminiscent of black forest cake (which I love), adult-ed up with the addition of orange liqueur, and the matcha a green entremet pleasantly bitter with a generous dusting of ground tea. these are restrained desserts – not too sweet, and a balance of good flavors and simplicity that makes it a stand-out amidst the too-sweet cupcakes and macarons flooding our food’ood.

p.p.s. for all my ambivalence, tiramisu is special to me. it was the first dessert my partner painstakingly prepared (on his own) for my birthday a few years ago; and while it may have been slightly too wet and quite a bit sloppy – there has never been anything quite as delicious as that small tub of italian trifle with its stenciled heart of cocoa atop.

thank you very much, amelia, for the kind invite!

7 thoughts on “l’atelier tiramisu, clarke quay

  1. sick and looking at these beautiful tiramisu(s) is quite a torture.. i know this place. walked pass a few times. i will go and check it out when im up and running again..

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